Mark J. Chambers, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

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Clinical Services

Dr. Chambers offers evaluation and treatment services for a wide range of problem areas for patients of all ages. All services are based on the latest research and scientific knowledge, provided with a caring, sensitive, and personal approach. Treatment services involve a combination of emotional support, cognitive-behavior modification, education, and problem solving, all designed to address problems directly and effectively.

Dr. Chambers has training and expertise in a number of clinical specialties. These include:


ADHD assessments
Psychoeducational evaluations
Behavior therapy
Fears and phobias
Sleep problems
Learning and academic problems



Anxiety, phobias, and panic
Relationship issues
Anger control problems
Adult ADHD
Stress management
Work-related issues
Sleep disturbances


Poor communication
Child behavior management problems
Lifestyle incompatibility
Divorce/custody mediation

All services are provided on a cash-pay basis and are billed at an hourly rate.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card or debit card payments.  Please call our office for more information on rates and payment options. 

To make an appointment,
or for more information,
please call 702-614-4550.