Mark J. Chambers, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

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Forensic Consulting Services

Photo by Jeff Scheid, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Dr. Chambers offers forensic psychology consulting services for virtually all types of criminal,civil, and family law cases. These services include:
  •  Psychological evaluation of defendants, litigants and witnesses to assess competency to stand trial, risk to reoffend, state of mind at time of offense, parental fitness, custody assignent, emotional trauma, and influences on testimony and recall
  • Attorney coaching to prepare for cross-examination of mental health experts other witnesses and to identify appropriate mental health issues; jury selection guidance and in-trial consultation
  • Document review and case analysis
  • Expert court testimony in cases involving criminal law, family law and personal injury 

Dr. Chambers has training and expertise in a number of psychological issues that relate directly to criminal and civil legal matters. These include:
  • False or coerced confessions                            
  • Fabricated or manipulated child abuse allegations/child suggestibility/repressed memory/False Memory Syndrome
  • Counterintuitive behavior of physical and sexual assault victims      
  • Questionable psychological techniques, diagnoses, and assessment methods (e.g., hypnosis, polygraphy, regression therapy, QEEG, Rorschach, suggestive child abuse interviews)
  • Parental alienation
  • Sleep disorders and sleep-related issues (e.g., crimes committed while sleepwalking, falling asleep at the wheel, effects of sleep deprivation)    
  • Eyewitness reliability/memory issues (e.g., alcohol-induced blackouts)