Mark J. Chambers, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

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Mark J. Chambers, Ph.D.
8275 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
Office phone: 702-614-4550
Office fax: 702-938-1042 


Dr. Mark Chambers is an internationally recognized psychologist with over 25 years experience as a clinician, researcher and forensic expert. He is an author of 16 books and scientific articles and has served as a reviewer for many prestigious scientific journals. His clinical practice has helped thousands of patients achieve an improved quality of life, and he is a frequent consultant to attorneys and courts on issues involving forensic psychology.

As a forensic expert, Dr. Chambers has consulted on thousands of criminal and civil cases and has been qualified as an expert in local, state, and federal courts. He is certified as a Competency Evaluator by the State of Nevada and he is a frequent expert consultant for the United States Air Force. His work as an expert witness has been featured on Court TV , and he has served as a media consultant to dozens of newspapers, magazines, television news programs and radio shows.

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